Mustard & Mayo

Characters regularly featured on A Touch of Tabasco:

KO: Fellow blogger and friend from school, constantly writing complex odes that are not for the faint of heart or the dumb of mind. She is convinced that her tongue would turn to ashes if she ever names a certain part of the male anatomy.

Smitten: Insanity personified, whose claim to fame is inappropriate groping. We may have some common ancestors. That is a scary thought.

Bin: My friend from college, best remembered for her stint with me in an "MTV Grind" routine on a rooftop. Her biggest grouse is that nobody treats her like a "princess", except on her birthday.

Krook: The Goan sun has fried his brain - that would explain his vagueness. Most likely to have his tombstone simply read "B-)".

Krazy Frog: Known for livening up a party with his collection of tunes, he spends far too much time making fun plans that never materialise.

Cousin Binky: A cousin (obviously!). Solid evidence that good looks, intelligence and a penchant for animals run in the family.

Scion: A sibling, who will deny until his last breath that he attempted to catch a sparrow by shaking salt over its tail. Once accused a bird of dropping a giant pair of PJs on his balcony.

: Brother of Terror#2 and a childhood friend on whom I can rely to supply the most bizarre explanations for the simplest phenomena.

Pest: Also called "Foetus", he has demanded that he be featured on this list just because. Yes, he is arrogant like that.

NG: All Gas, NO GO :)

BC (B-Complex): An unapologetic foul-mouthed friend from college who displays various complexes but refuses to admit that she might have a problem. Currently undergoing a Colors TV de-addiction programme.

Ms. Zeus: B-C's good friend with a sharp tongue and a quick wit.

Ducky: The X.

(Amuse me, annoy me, tease me, chide me -- do what you do best -- if you'd like to see yourself featured on this list)