Thursday, February 5, 2009

Muthu's V-Day Offer - Hurry! One Day Only!

Too broke to take the big step this Valentine’s Day? A victim of the recession, inflation or been laid off? Too poor to host that simple wedding you and your beloved so badly wish for?

Fear not! Cupid 2009 Pramod Muthalik is here! Just ensure that you and your beloved are spotted in a public place together on February 14. Muthalik and Shri Ram Sene will provide the following completely free of cost*:

 Free videography
 Free turmeric application
 Free trip to Sub-Registrar’s office
 Free registration of your marriage
 Free wedding audience
 Free publicity
 Free beatings **

Offer is valid on February 14 only!

*Terms & conditions apply. Offer for Karnataka lovers only.
**Only for women.

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