Friday, September 4, 2009

The "Healthy" Flu Bug

I have decided to purge my world of a scourge that has slowly but surely taken it over. Not being overly ambitious, let me try small, like with this blog for starters.

I just woke up one day, and lo and behold, just about everybody who is anybody and wants to be somebody is pronouncing the humble word "healthy" differently. TV anchors, advertisements for cooking oil, and even the local grocer appear to be saying "hell-dhee".

Okay, so who changed the accepted pronunciation while my back was turned? As it turns out, nobody really. The dictionaries still specify its pronunciation as ˈhel-thē. So, this is, apparently, a "cool" new way of saying it. It appears that some Page-3 type mispronounced it and started an infectious trend that has claimed more victims than the Spanish Flu. At least in this country.

I chuckled in delight as Bobby Chinn, a food show host on Discovery Travel & Living, raised an amused brow and mimicked a girl in Punjab someplace when she said "helldhee". The pity, however, was that she didn't get it.

Unfortunately, this mispronunciation has become so well entrenched in society, it doesn't look like it will go away any time soon. On my part, I refuse to succumb to the hell-dhee pandemic. Even if it means I am ostracized from hip society. I shall say it right until my last breath, and I shall judge people who say it wrong. In fact, I might even have "A ˈhel-thē human, the last one standing" carved on my epitaph.


  1. Don't be so sure, lassie. Your epitaph might end up being something to the effect of, 'Here rests the one who had a helldhee kink for vaashing machines'!

  2. Now that you brought my attention to it, this is all I did entire day. Concentrating on people who used the word. Can't blame you for losing it for a bit, every joker says it exactly the same way. Well, it takes all kinds to make a world.

  3. *Grins widely* :)
    I cringe when people say that. That and well-dhee(amongst others, but will save the nasties for later).
    Also, not to nitpick, surely ye meant vaasher-cum-dryer,K ;)
    @Nishant: So how many ppl were there?

  4. @Kaotic: Ok, that's it, vaasherwoman! I am coming over this weekend with a granite slab and you shall carve my epitaph, odes and all, under my watchful fist--uh, I mean eyes.

    @Nish: wake up and smell the helldhee coffee.

    @Div: Nish can only count up to 10...20 if he removes his shoes..phew!

    [BB dives for cover]

  5. @Basically Blah & Div : There were 8 people. Thank God for small mercies.

  6. I said thir-dee yesterday. Kill me. Apparently it is a South Indian thing. Phew..

  7. Now then, Thought you were half-brit?

  8. Not half as Brit as he is mid-west Yankee, apparently!

    I read thir-dee as "thiridee" (Tam word for female thief).... how Southie is that? :D


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