Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Spa-sitive Start to the New Year

I am not one for New Year resolutions – simple because I see no point in making something only to break it later. That appears to be more the norm than the exception at least.

Anyway, this post isn’t really about new year resolutions or their dissolutions, it is about a first for me. I decided to lose the “spa virgin” tag. If you’re a spa junkie and gasping in disbelief, I’ll have you know that I am icky about being touched by “non-designated” people and coy about baring all to a perfect stranger.

However, with years of being a ‘mouse potato’ beginning to take a toll on my back, I decided to kick off the new year with a visit to Asian Woman, a spa which promised a touch of Bali in the heart of Bangalore. Recommended by the minx KO, whose opinion I hold in great esteem (what with her being related to the Queen of England et al), Asian Woman was serene, calm and welcoming as a pal I shall call "B-Complex" and I entered.

B-Complex opted for the hot stone therapy, while I went with the traditional Balinese massage that promised to relax tired muscles and de-stress mired minds.

After leaving our footwear at the entrance, we were ushered into a room and asked to change out of our clothes. I shall quickly skip through the next few minutes, because it involves an embarrassing moment when one of us inadvertently flashed the other....*reliving horror* least now we know those things are diaphanous, eh, B-C?

The massage with aromatic oils lasted an hour and a half, lulling me into a semi-consciousness broken only by the rattling of pebbles on the floor courtesy B-Complex’s somewhat butter-fingered masseuse.

Masseuses at Asian Woman are extremely polite and professional. No giggles, awkwardness, nosey questions, nothing. At the end of it all, I was completely relaxed with not a knot to complain about.

Once done, I chose to take a shower while B-Complex opted for a scrub in the large tub. We wrapped it up with some Chinese tea while we settled our bills and haggled over where to head for lunch.

What a day! Pure bliss!

Asian Woman – The Villa
3rd Block, Koramangala, No. 374,
Sarjapur Road (Near Greenwood High School),
Bangalore 560 034
Call 080 32510725 / 080 41219198 / 98457 70764 for appointments


  1. "B-Complex," it! So you flashed your way to a massage? Buddha will be pleased about the enlightening experience.:p

    P.S. Oh, and KO is touched(trying to ignore Queenly references here!:D).

  2. That's right... just go all Buddha-like on me, you QoE relative!

  3. I really, in all honesty, envy you your start! With a beginning like this, how can you lose!

  4. That's one mighty start to the year!
    Bloghopped my way, here!

  5. Nice post, though I can't quite relate to the concept of spas, being more caveman than metrosexual. :)

    PS - Apologies for the temporary Houdini act.

  6. @Bhumika: Let's hope so :)

    @熟悉: I don't read Chinese/Mandarin...and online translators did not help!

    @Ramya: Hola & I hope you'll hop by again!

    @db: It's a girl thing...possibly... and all is forgiven! :)


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