Thursday, April 19, 2012

Introductory Ignominies

I’m sorry, but did I miss the memo on how people ought to introduce themselves now? Since when did “North Indian” and “South Indian” attain an ethnic label all their own? Are official Indian government forms now demanding you declare yourself thus?

“Me? I’m just a North Indian guy”, someone once introduced himself to me. What? That tells me absolutely nothing about you, apart from the fact that you are possibly of less than average intelligence for introducing yourself like that. Or you credit me with little or no geographic sense. Either way, you are far from becoming my favourite person. I feel almost apologetic that my geographic knowledge is as sound as it is. Dangle a tempting enough reward and I can name every state and union territory. Yes, I am geeky like that. It’s still a hell of a lot better than being plain ignorant or just mindlessly accepting absolutely pointless labels.

An even bigger sin is introducing yourself while adding “I am from North” or “I am from South”. Forget the fact that you probably lost your definite articles about the same time you lost your marbles, but you leave me hanging onto the edge of my seat. North of where? South of where? The equator? North Hampshire? South America? One of the Koreas? Pray, tell, where is it that such a dazzling nincompoop as yourself sprang from?

And if “North Indian” and “South Indian” are indeed accepted labels now, why aren’t people going around saying they are “East Indian” and “West Indian”? What is this - the Doordarshan weather update of the 80’s which conveniently left out the entire North East and the cloud-covered Andamans? I mean, if this is the way it’s going to be done now, we might as well go the whole hog.

Truth be told, I am sick and tired of hearing the aforementioned labels and this growing regionalism around me. For the love of God, just name your home state. If someone hasn’t heard of Bihar or Andhra or Uttaranchal or Kerala or some Pradesh or Nadu, they probably aren’t worth conversing with anyway. Unless you enjoy particularly scintillating conversation with half-wits. In which case, you might as well introduce yourself as an imbecile. Imbeciles, in my experience, are not limited to any specific geographic regions. Most unfortunate. Ideally, they ought to be confined to strait jackets.



  1. Hello there,

    I am a neutral indian. What say you, BB?

  2. hmm..i like to say wen sme1 asks me where r u frm ... i m frm the hills.. which hills? himalayas.. i like to flaunt dat way.. bahaa.. its just dat everyone likes to flaunt in their own way.. may be a guy frm mumbai wuld say i m frm the bollywood city nd like dat..guy frm say sme mp village wuld say ...m just a country boy..

  3. i agree with aima. i also say like that only. when 1 asks where r u frm..i say m from sesk n d city.

  4. @Half-Wit: Neutral Brit you mean?

    @AA: Ocem answr whn sme asks whr u frm. U da best.

    @Soothe Indian: You, me, hell. Yes?

  5. This north south divide is here to stay! My recent post was on similar lines..! Its really frustrating to see people create a divide based on geographies!

    I mean hello, aren't we all Indians? North or South doesn't matter to me but sadly it does matter to a lot of people out there!

    Well Blahh!

  6. Is southern Bangalore an acceptable geographical denomination? . Last time I used this , I did come across as a nincompoop. Happened to bump into my Friend’s dad in another country.
    Friend’s dad : Where are you from ?
    Me : Bangalore south !
    Friend’s dad : Ah , that’s nice , I own Bangalore central.
    Me : ‘haha , good one , I wish I owned Bangalore south’. ( My wife flashed her , ‘gosh , why did I marry such an idiot’ glare) . Turns out he was speaking about the hypermarket Central!

  7. @Miz: *Ahem* No, "Southern Bangalorean" is not acceptable. That's whittling down our already diverse geographical introductions even further! :D


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