Monday, December 13, 2010

Veni, Vidi, Visa

It is that time of year again. Indulgence. That is the key word and what better way to kick things off than with some hard-core retail therapy?

Armed with cash, cards, cheery smiles and a mental must-buy list, KO and I shopped our way through dozens of stores across the city this weekend.

My planned list comprised of jeans and dresses. Shoes? Definitely not. Although I would have loved to add more to my burgeoning shoe rack, which would give Imelda Marcos a hard run for her money, I simply do not have the space for anything more (despite having recently given away over 30 pairs – that is how dire the situation is). So unless someone could point me in the direction of a nice delicate pair of white or off-white stilettos, footwear was strictly off my shopping list.

Just jeans and dresses. That was the plan. And what did I end up with? Well, three pairs of jeans, a pair of capris, a wee denim skirt, two tops, de-stressing aromatherapy products, dozens of junk accessories - including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, finger rings - a maroon clutch, tiny terracotta artefacts for the house, a wall plaque with a nasty message for Bin and a hot pink rubber cow that flashes like a strobe light when you shake it.

Not bad. I didn’t veer that much off my planned course now, did I? Also, on the positive side, I haven’t changed my mind about any of my purchases. Yes, not even about that pink flashy cow.

On the downside, the dresses were disappointing. I almost found something I liked. However, one look at myself in the trial room mirror (subjecting KO to a horrific preview as well) and I couldn’t get out of the little black number fast enough. The dress screamed “Forget the drinks, dinner and gripping conversation; let’s move this to the bedroom right away – and oh, keep the money on the night stand”. Yep, prudently discarded that.

KO fared almost as well. With just jeans on her agenda, she ended up with two pairs of jeans, capris, a bunch of handbags - including one gigantic enough to house a healthy Shetland pony - aromatherapy products, clutches and junk jewellery. Of course, KO decided that she would also shop for our Christmas presents and kept barking at me to stay away from certain sections of the store. After she’d bellowed at me a couple of times, I was forced to feign interest in a pink pig table lamp that lit up when its nose was jabbed just to kill time until she had finished shopping for our presents. Oh, the wretched indignity of it all.

Six hours, aching feet, bulging shopping bags and considerably lighter wallets later, we joined BC to bask in the refreshingly tangy iciness of kiwi frozen yoghurt, pleased as punch with our fruitful shopping binge.

As Swoosie Kurtz said, “Veni, vidi, visa”.


  1. Jean - Rs. 2000, Capris - Rs. 1000, Pink Rubber Cow - Rs. 200, Seeing the look on the face of folks at home when the Cow Flashed (no pun intended) - Priceless. For everything else - There's Mastercard.

    I think you and KO have frightened that mystery person. No comments from there for sometime. I guess you both hit the right target.

  2. Terror#1: You spoke too soon. Guess who put in an appearance? Check comments for my last post :-/

  3. Darling, I have to ask you the most important question of all times - what is your shoe size? Everything else will depend on that. :) Such a happy post! Cheers! :)

  4. Groan! Ko will never ever hear her phone again. Considering she does such a great job of it with her current bag. Tsk.

  5. You said no to shoes?? *Faints*
    K shopped? *Heart skips 10 beats*

  6. @Bhumika: Hehe! Happy post in happier times, doll :)

    @Div: We should gift her a cellphone-attachable foghorn for Christmas.

    @Smriti: K shopped big time! Don't say anything more about my saying no to shoes...sigh...I feel wretched as it is ;)

  7. @Div:How rude! *sniff*

    @Smriti: That holiday of mine has done this to me. *sniff*

    @BB: I did not bark at you. *sniff*

    ~~~Sniff, sniff, sniff~~~


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