Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Art of Giving Unsolicited Advice

1. One must be above the age of 30 to be eligible to impart so-called pearls of wisdom. If not 30, then one must be at least three years older than chosen advisee.

2. Always be on high alert for any opportunity to begin advising; even if met with mild protestations, suddenly vacant rooms, requests to use the restroom or feigned deafness. Keep in mind that not everybody actually wants advice; but everybody needs advice.

3. No conversation is above being interrupted for your pearls of wisdom. Pick up on snippets of a conversation and take off from there. Nobody dare argue that it is completely out of context. If they do, follow #4 - it unnerves them.

4. Remember, your stance is important. Clutch your left breast (or moob or whatever), tip your chin slightly upward and wax eloquent with your eyelids half closed, nodding emphatically every now and then for effect. Master #4 and the world is your advisee oyster.

5. Left-breast clutching must always be accompanied with the opening line, “As an older and wiser person, I will tell you…” Never shy away from stressing the fact that you are older and hence, automatically wiser.

6. Advisees are stupid people. Period. Never listen to their differing points of view, no matter how logically argued. As an older and, ergo, wiser person, you always know best. It doesn't matter that people may think otherwise. You know best!

7. Persistence pays. Unwilling advisees can be worn down if you keep repeating a line until they pipe down. Raise your voice if you need to. Shout “lalala” and shut your ears if you must. You will and must have your say.

8. Advisees must be treated like complete nincompoops. Smile patronisingly at all they have to say. Chuckle indulgently. It infuriates them, weakening their defences.

9. Everything and everybody is your business. Dispensing free, unsolicited advice has no bounds. There are no jurisdictional limitations on where you can advise people. At home, at the airport, in a public restroom, at the traffic signal, in a supermarket aisle.

10. Try and corner your advisee in a tiny space where escape is difficult. At the water cooler, the copier room with the single exit, the lift. Do not shy away from using an arm or a knee to pin them down. (There's no better listener than someone with a squashed windpipe).

Remember, everything you say IS “advice” because you say so. Sound all-knowing. It is not WHAT you say that matters, but HOW you say it.

Take it from an older and wiser person.


  1. Hahahahaha. Exactly what I am waiting to do the moment I hit 30. It's the only possible thing to do.

  2. Moob! Hahahaha!

    There've been a couple of occasions where I've chatted with people and they told me "they have some advise". It's always so nice to nip them there there with "If you can't differentiate the verb from the noun, I can't possibly listen to what you have to say!"

  3. @Bhumika: Yes, yes. One must keep these endearing traditions alive ;)

    @Kaptnik: You grammar nazi! :P (But totally effective, I must add)

  4. i love the way you address "social" issue infused with humor!

    7th one was my favorite, i am ashamed to admit but yes! i have used this one, even though i am not 30!

  5. @SEPO: Humour is the only way to co-exist with "social issues" without losing your sanity (and temper) ;)

    Was your hapless victim three years younger? Then it's all good :)

  6. Hey finally this post comes up...I read this wat? A month back? Was wondering where the hell it went...well hv to say brilliant post n I notice most of your points hv been used by u wen u dispense so called advice to me...

    Oh u forgot 2 important rules...
    1. The advisor is always right no matter what the advisee thinks.
    2. If the advisee thinks otherwise then he/she has to be reminded of the previous point...

    The VD continues...

  7. @Terror: Hey, pustule. You, me, outside now.

    1. You have not read this before. Time to put the glue bottle down.
    2. I have never advised you. I was too busy getting anti-rabies vaccinations.

    What is this, Essay #373628?

  8. I solemnly swear to try and master#4!

  9. @Kaotic: "Try and master"? Doll, you have the art perfected! ;)

  10. Ah! That explains my growing fan club.


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