Monday, February 14, 2011

Siren Vs. Siren

Men and their priorities!

While everybody looked on in wonder when an ATM alarm began blaring for no apparent reason, a guy (note: with a girl on his arm) appeared oblivious to it all.

You can see where his attention lay. Blaring sirens be damned.

Based on a real-life incident.
Illustration: Cousin Binky
Concept & idea: KO and Basically Blah


  1. i had those guys who in-spite of being with other girls, don't shy away from "checking out" sirens!!

    a lesson in etiquettes is what they all need!

  2. Tsk, tsk. Who's been a Baaaaad boy!?

  3. @SEPO: A beating is what they all need ;)

    @Kaotic: Baaaaad boy ogling good girl...iissshhh ;P

  4. They had his complete attention AND his balls were in his own pants?
    The nerve!

    P.S. Brilliant post title :)

  5. @NG: Lol! I know...what cheek, huh? :P

    P.S. ¡Muchas gracias! :)


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