Tuesday, October 14, 2008

16. Kombarek Kootavu

The groom is led to the bridal chamber (no guests get to see any of this so use your imagination)

Either the 'bojakaara' or the 'aruva' leads the groom to the bridal chamber (chamber!!? is this …..) where the bride is seated with her veil covering her face (and her mother’s orders to “act demure” ringing in her ears). Before he can proceed to the chamber, the (eager beaver) groom is led to the 'nellaki nadu baade' where he sprinkles rice on the sacred lamp and salutes it (what is with the saluting?). On entering the chamber, the groom lifts the veil from his bride's face (the tee-hee-shy-is-coming scene) and she touches his (damn smelly) feet (note to groom: get camera shots from all angles for this since this will be the first and last time this happens, it will be a reversal of roles hereon) seeking his blessings. It is now that the groom presents his bride with an ornament, usually a gold wedding band (Bride giddy with glee again. The groom is now officially done for life!)

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