Tuesday, October 14, 2008

6. The Muhurtha Ceremony

Separate Muhurthas for the bride and groom.

Women come forward and bless the groom/bride before the men can do so. The mother is the first to bless the groom/bride followed by two 'muthaides'(them again!). These three ladies usually give gold coins as gifts (gold coins are welcome from everyone else also).
The special mode of blessing and presenting gifts at this time is as follows: a little rice is taken from the plates placed on either side of the groom/bride and if the Kodava (Coorg) guests coming to the wedding are older than the person who is welcoming them, the latter honors them by touching their feet and seeking their blessings. It is customary to offer guests water to wash their feet (and to drink so they get filled up before they hit the bar. The guests also bring cash for the bride/groom, and loads of it).

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