Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bargains at Bagdogra

We disembarked at NJP and proceeded to Siliguri, where we were to spend the night at the Army guesthouse. From Siliguri, we made a quick trip to Bagdogra to shop for warm clothes and take a look at the market there. I picked up a nice warm hooded jacket for Rs 350 and a thick, soft polo-neck sweater for Rs 100! For someone used to expensive Bangalore, this was quite a jaw-dropping shopping expedition. We also picked up 36-movies-in-one DVDs for Rs 50. I now possess a single DVD with almost all of Johnny Depp's blockbusters! I feel quite ashamed for having rejoiced in Bangalore when I ferreted out a place that sold single-movie DVDs for Rs 60 or even 4-in-one Bollywood DVDs for Rs 40!

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