Monday, December 22, 2008

Pheasantly Surprised

We came upon a path marked “Birds”. Not particularly into ornithology myself, and Ducky not quite keen on birds of the feathered variety, we, nevertheless, decided to take a look. We came upon the brightly colored Lady Amherst Pheasants. While busy photographing them for posterity, we noticed something bushy and red running around in the caged enclosure next door. I could scarcely control my yelp of delight – it was a podgy little Red Panda! What on earth he was doing along with the birds, I have no clue. The little guy kept running in circles around his enclosure – obviously not a slacker when it comes to the good old morning jog. He may have been in some distress due to the slightly warm temperature or the singing workmen nearby.

However, he decided to go right up to Ducky and take a good sniff – perhaps he rightly suspected that a certain someone had forgotten to bathe that morning. Astute fellow. I couldn’t get enough of the endearing little chap with his shiny round eyes and fluffy cheeks. With a good deal of reluctance, we finally left to visit the other inmates.

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