Monday, December 22, 2008

Dare to Bear

Ducky and I tromped down a path and came to a concreted viewpoint that offered a breathtaking sight of the snow-clad Himalayas and Mt Kanchenzonga that is now a regular feature in all my “scenic pictures”. Seeing the stupendous mountain so often has now begun to make it lose that novelty. My heart has ceased to skip a beat when the mammoth mountain displays itself!

While busy posing for photographs at this viewpoint, I suddenly noticed something peeking out of a little concrete shed in the walled enclosure just below us. It was a Himalayan Black Bear who just couldn’t decide whether he wanted to come out or not. He’d peek out every few seconds, raising our hopes that he’d make an appearance for our eager lenses (and give us a full frontal maybe?), but then he’d vanish again. He was almost as fickle as Ducky! His partner, who we spied much later, refused to oblige us and remained lolling about on his back behind a clump of bamboo.

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