Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Miles to go Before I Sleep

The next morning, we set off by road for Gangtok in Sikkim. As we crossed the border into Sikkim from West Bengal, I felt a little thrill. I also felt a lot of relief to see the last of West Bengal. The drive was absolutely spectacular. The narrow road snakes all along the Teesta river. Although there isn't much water in the river at this time of year, the emerald green water studded with smooth grey stones set against the thick green mountains is a treat to see. The crisp and fresh mountain air was a welcome change after smelly West Bengal. In about four hours after we'd started out, we reached Gangtok. We halted here briefly to visit the ATM and pick up some baked goodies from Baker's Cafe, which I'd read about before my trip. From there we zigzagged our way up to Mile 17 - the acclimatization camp and my home for the next six nights.

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