Monday, December 22, 2008


The park houses both the Snow Leopard and the Common Leopard (Spotted Panther). The single snow leopard was napping peacefully in his concrete house when we arrived. On the face of it, he paid us no attention at all and did not budge while we clicked pictures. However, the shrewdness of the beast was apparent, as he slyly watched us retreat through the corner of his eye, which was open just a slit. The Snow Leopard is a beauty and inspires some kind of awe. We scarcely even whispered in his presence. There is just something about the animal, which compels one to stay in his good books at all times! Opinion: Do not tug his thick fluffy tail no matter how irresistible the urge. I doubt he’d let you go with just one tight slap.

The Common Leopards were sunning themselves too. Apparently, this time in the morning is tanning time for the park’s inmates. No doubt Ducky heralded the prospect of a tasty snack for, as we climbed up to their enclosure, one leopard immediately adopted a crouching stance and licked his chops in anticipation. Watching him, we almost missed seeing his considerably larger partner sunning himself right next to us.

I rather cautiously turned my back to Big Spotty to pose for a picture with him in the background. I didn’t think my little ticker would be able to survive the shock if he caught me unawares and decided to roar and hurl himself at me through the bars.

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